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“This third full-length launches into rock ’n’ roll overdrive on its very first song, “Famous Monsters,” which happens to be about history’s most infamous serial killers. Backed by Mark Bäertschi’s surfy drum fills and guitarist Jack Ball’s electrifying fretwork, vocalist/bassist Rob Bell puts his snarling delivery front and center on the trio’s gasoline-powered garage-rock. From the spunky Drags cover “I Like to Die” to the rockabilly-tinged “The Last Time I Saw Julia,” Famous Monsters thunders from start to finish.”

Leslie Ventura - Las Vegas Weekly

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The Psyatics are a garage, surf and noise band from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Formed in 2012, the current lineup consists of Rob Bell (bass guitar and vocals), Jack Ball (guitar)  and Mark Baertschi (drums).  Inspired by bands such the Oblivions, Dirtbombs, The Fall, Birthday Party and Gang of Four, the Psyatics combine a raucous rock and roll with dissonant chording, jagged grooves and biting lyrics.  Las Vegas Weekly calls the Psyatics newest album “Rock n’ roll overdrive…Famous Monsters thunders from start to finish!”  and Tom Haugen from INFORTY describes them as “a wild mesh of garage-rock with blues-rock, punk energy and dirty rock and roll…explosive and calculated.”

    Over the last four years, The Psyatics have released five full-length albums, appeared on numerous compilations, and have shared the stage with bands as diverse as Reverend Horton Heat, The Dickies, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Vibrators, Modern English and Missing Persons.   The band completed their first tour of Japan in early 2016, acted and provided songs for the indie film ‘Atomic Punks’. The Psyatics plan on expanding tour dates outside the west coast, return to Japan and dominate the local music scene.  As Rich Coffee (The Gizmos, Thee Fourgiven, Swamp Gospel, Rich’s R&R Rants and Raves) writes of the Psyatics, “absolutely kick-ass…definitely destined to become Las Vegas legends”, and that goal is on a fast track to becoming reality.

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