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Look What the Kat Dragged In

In the music Industry, these days, there is a vacuum. New music, and the artists that create it receive minimal attention from large promotional entities, leaving them to promote their craft, through social media and word of mouth, with little to no results. It’s harder than ever to break a new and upcoming artist, particularly in the genres considered “fringe” by the average listening demographic.

For six years, Kat Monroe and her team have been trying to break the pattern of “social media only” promotions by providing a platform for new and avant-garde artists from all over the world to be seen and heard.

Kat Monroe, Christina Ferragamo and Brenda White Simpson, are not just pretty faces, they are passionate about the music they promote with real time interviews, videos, Artist Spotlight Stories and album reviews.

In a community overloaded with formulaic music shows, her shows are quickly becoming a "MUST HEAR". You Can hear and see her shows: Look What The Kat Dragged In at Every Tuesday @ 8PM Pacific Time and her video show Back To The Music

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